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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Vormann Prof. Dr. Jürgen Vormann
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Prof. Jürgen Vormann, Dr. rer. nat., born 1953, studied nutritional science at Hohenheim University, Stuttgart, from 1972-1978.
In 1981, he gained his doctorate in natural sciences (Dr. rer. nat.) and in 1991, he achieved qualification as a university lecturer and gained permission to teach at university for the subject of biochemistry at the Free University of Berlin.
In 1997, he was named as professor there.

From 1978-1980, he worked at the Institute for the Pharmacology and Toxicology of Diet, University of Hohenheim and
from 1980 to 1996 as a scientist at the Institute for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Benjamin Franklin University Clinic, Faculty of Human Medicine, Free University of Berlin.
From 1996 - 1999, he was scientific manager of the Protina Pharmazeutische Gesellschaft mbH, Klopfer Nährmittel GmbH, Ismaning, Germany.
In 1999 he founded the Institute for Prevention and Diet (IPEV) in Ismaning, near to Munich.

Prof. Vormann is a former president of the German Society for Magnesium Research, a member of the British Physiological Society and several other German scientific societies and member of the scientific advisory committee of the German Society for Ortho-Molecular Medicine.

Main Areas of Work: Biochemistry and Pathophysiology of Minerals, Trace Elements and Vitamins.

More than 150 publications in scientific books and magazines.